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Real Player Reviews of Divine Fortune Megaways Slot

Divine Fortune slot machine attracts the attention of gamblers from all over the world.

Divine Fortune invites you to immerse yourself in ancient Greek mythology when the Gods of Ancient Greece help you win real money. No wonder the name of the slot is translated as “divine luck” and this is no coincidence. In the Divine Fortune slot, luck often favors the player, bringing big winnings.

The main question while playing Divine Fortune is how to win? Given that the slot has a bonus game and lucrative Greek Gods odds, every player wants to understand how to follow a strategy for a big win. Thinking about possible strategies for the game, each player begins to look for feedback from other players. Below we have collected Divine Fortune reviews from real players. Thanks to the opinions of other players, you will better understand what Divine Fortune is and how to start winning at online casinos.

Reviews about Divine Fortune Megaways

Review: Slot with great potential


I've been spinning reels for a long time and was somehow skeptical about Divine Fortune Megaways. Not many different options, high volatility of winnings, but this slot has one BUT! In several casinos, it gave away cool jackpots. And so cool that I've been twisting only him lately.

Don, 28 years

Review: Several majors in the first game


I will say this: rarely in my memory there were slot machines that would immediately give you a major on a bonus like that. I went into a game with 150 dollars, which, you know, is not the most solid amount to play on reels. I played for 8 dollars per spin and quickly lost a half. I thought that was all, a bad day... I went down at the rate and then it flooded: first, wins fell one after another, and then two bonus rounds arrived at once. The first one is like this, and on the second one I raised almost 500 dollars. So Divine Fortune is a worthwhile topic. Play, I recommend, and big drifts to you!

Leo, 37 years

Review: Slots are not for children


Recently, I often hear the opinion that you can’t get up money on slots. What? What do you think we live on? I have a mortgage and 2 expensive cars, children in a private school. And yes, I spin slots. Of course, this is not the «basic» income, as they say. Although there is still the question of what to call «basic». The main work brings much less, but allows you to play. Divine Fortune Megaways is one of the typical slots. And I'm surprised this slot is so underrated. Yes, these are not securities or bank deposits for you, but you can’t raise that much in such a period. To live you have to spin. Here I am spinning... reels. But you need to understand that the game needs a game budget. At least 2k US dollars free money, then you can raise great bonuses. And college students, who put 20 dollars, and then whine on the forums that they didn’t really raise anything, let them whine further.

Ismail, 31 years

Review: Just a good way to relax


For me, slot machines are not about income. This is not a second job as for many players. This is how I relieve stress. I still use the game balance I re-loaded 2 months ago and I like it. I'm afraid to take risks, although playing in demo version makes me think that I can win on a real game, but still I don't take risks. I watched a lot of videos about slots and I see that not all options are available to me. I have never seen the same bonus rounds in Divine Fortune Megaways. I understand that they are only available in the game for real money. So I'm thinking about replenishing my wallet. And so far I like everything about this slot. When there is nothing to do, this is a great way to kill a couple of hours!

Marina, 43 years

Review: NetEnt decides


NetEnt has once again demonstrated that it can create good slot machines. If earlier this toy was spinning on five reels, now there are 6. But the coolest thing is falling wins. Only by using this feature, you can increase the winnings several times. Despite the fact that there is a feeling that the coefficients are small, the real return for me is more than 80 percent. It is clearly that it doesn’t reach declared 96.09%, but I am satisfied. I advise everyone to try this slot!

Nikolas, 23 years

Review: The main thing in slots is simplicity


It was difficult for me to understand all games at first. Poker with a thousand incomprehensible combinations and rules, roulette in which you constantly lose because you don’t understand how the numbers fall out and where to bet. It is much easier with slots. I play pebbles, Divine Fortune and Joker. They are the same type and most importantly - it is clear where to click. It's nice to be able to win so far. And decently winnings. Well, it's good enough for me. Here the children make me a gift as a tablet, and I play while I sit with my grandchildren. I don’t bet a lot - just 20-30 dollars. Sometimes I win 1 dollar, sometimes 5 dollars and even 30 dollars falls out. But I have enough for me. As soon as I put 50 dollars on my account, I don’t take this money. I only withdraw winnings.

Gana, 53 years

Review: Divine Fortune is an expensive slot machine, but worth it


My observation is this: online game is good, but in order to make it give back, you need to bring good amount of money on balance. I managed to raise 5000 dollars, but I also had 1500 dollars on my balance. Be very careful with the bonus coins. It seemed that with the right strategy, they fly out more often. For 20-25 spins on a minor, 2-3 coins appear, and when the machine starts to give out, 5-6 coins are poured. As with other machines, here you have to try. The ladder didn't go up. It began to halve the bet every round and the coins began to fall.

Dan, 29 years

Review: often reviews of Divine Fortune are freaks


Of course, fortune has its drawbacks, but something else annoys me. Very often I read reviews, where players say that there are no bonuses in Divine Fortune. I'm wondering, but these wise men tried to play for money? Of course, there are no bonuses if you cut on a test balance. On the demo version, you will be blamed once a year! I just don't understand the meaning of illiterate comments. This is strange. Why do people even write this? And most importantly, how can you write comments or reviews if you haven’t even seen the game properly. Rave!

Michael, 47 years

Review: Good design of slot and interesting rules


Divine Fortune, in my opinion, has a very good design and interesting rules. Firstly, no naked women, otherwise I saw almost porn with my husband in one game - painted dolls with red lips, all interesting poses and directly offer themselves. Already knocked on the ears of this boobie! Secondly, Divine Fortune is a classic theme, which everyone knows - Ancient Greece, famous heroes of myths, which is also a big advantage. Even my grandchildren began to ask me what I play. I told them. Thirdly, slot has very interesting rules. You first need to get used to them, because before you had to collect three cherries in a row or sevens, but here you can get 4-5 characters in one column. Unusually, but when you realize that you can collect even more combinations this way, it becomes more interesting.

Zin, 59 years

Review: Divine Fortune is a cool slot


I really liked the name! I did not immediately move in, because instead of playing actively I decided to learn a little bit more on ancient gods. Anyway, it was cool. Unusual subject matter for me since I’m not a professional in history. Like Rome, Greece and all that? Well, the name is awesome!

Alex, 18 years

Review: To make money, the main thing is to stop on time


I often hear that Divine Fortune eats money like a vacuum cleaner, and does not give it back at all. And it's strange to me. Any slot machine, if you sit in it for hours and completely lose your head, eats like a vacuum cleaner. Here the matter is different: it seems to me that such reviews on the Internet are written by dummies. You need to work with the machine, and not just press the button and wait for good luck. There are strategies. Such strategies are developed by smart people. These strategies must be applied. And most importantly, manage your passion. Only clicking without any thinking about it is a way to loose. So don't be greedy. Rise balance twice  - immediately leave! Do not think that you are the smartest devil on earth. Earned - rest. This is the secret of success!

Alan, 47 years

Review: Divine Fortune is a good way to sit in silence


Yes, I know that many will tell me that it is forbidden for children to play in a casino. Yes, I am a mother. And my teenage daughter loves this toy. She plays on a test balance under my account and she likes it. And I can at least go about my business and not listen to this eternal “Maaaam!”. I have found a solution for myself. By the way, after this game we began to read books. Now we know who the Minotaur, Pegasus and the Nemean lion are. At school, the program was not forced to read about this part of history. So every medal has a flip side.

Elina, 34 years

Review: On the slots began to shoot a car of dough


When I started to play in a casino, I played poker at first, made bets, but there was no income. Got into debt to pay off. I got hooked on the «horses» (Divine Fortune), on the Joker and a couple more slots. And now it's okay. This is where luck meet you. Who needs it, I can show screenshots – 70-100 dollars withdrawals per day and 10k dollars on the wallet. Every day. I twist and turn, I don’t want to confuse anyone. Cool slot, guys!

Nalim, 23 years

Review: Not the worst slot, but there are better ones


I do not really understand the players who are chasing progressive slots from NetEnt. This is like vacuum cleaner after all. The return level is so-so. Free spins fly out, but much less frequently than bonus rounds. For several sessions, it was possible to catch minor bonuses, but the majors did not work even once. The only strategy in which Divine Fortune has shown itself normally is a constant increase in the rate or face value of coins. Which is not surprising for a good vacuum cleaner.

Vad, 38 years

Review: Where are the Gods?


Everywhere authors write that the main theme of Divine Fortune Megaways is Ancient Greece. Well, I didn’t find Zeus, Hera, Artemis, or any Poseidon in this toy. There are only three or four characters from myths and card symbols. It is obvious that the developers had no history lessons. Or they had, but in a very private American school where history is taught from comics and Hollywood films. Horror! If they had added Hades, Dionysus and a couple more gods, so many new meanings would have appeared in the game. But you can play. It's a pity that designers don't really bother.

Iran, 39 years

Reviews: The bonus really turns you on


I really enjoyed the bonus game in Divine Fortune. It really turns on. Especially when gold coins start pouring out of clay pots on the sides of the screen. I feel like I'm getting rich right now. I have experience when I was hitting big jackpots twice. At a rate of 10 cents, I earned 1300 dollars. It is a pity that I did not put more. The second time the jackpot was also good, but since I don’t make big bets, in fact it turned out to be a little more than 10 dollars from 5 cents bet. But still good. The bet played x50 times more.

Кate, 26 years

Review: Slots are an effective tool for earning money


For me, online games have become a part-time job. I sit on them all the time. I play at work in the afternoon, on the way to work, at home in the evening. I make money and it's pretty good. I bring at least 50-60% of my salary to the house. Here they often write about the fact that slots are a vacuum cleaner. So, a real vacuum cleaner is a game on the stock exchange, especially on exchange rates. Previously, I played on Forex and almost sold a kidney. In Forex you are not only not allowed to earn money, but they also charge interest for each withdrawal of money. At the casino, at least I made money. Of course, there are also losses, but the next day they manage to recapture them. In addition to slots, I play crash games. That's where the real gold mine is. The main thing is to choose the right strategy and stop in time. A little gape - all lost. So play smart!

Max, 54 years

Review: I play Divine Fortune a lot


I looked on YouTube, how the guy plucked insane winnings on slots. I came to online casino website and decided to give it a try. I followed the link, registered, replenished my wallet and they gave me the same amount as a bonus. I play every day. I win quite often. At least enough for pantyhose, cosmetics and university books. I don't bother my parents with this anymore. Started playing with a friend. Now we eat delicious sushi, then we go to a pizzeria. We forgot about scholarship money.

Maria, 19 years

Review: Winning in Divine Fortune depends on the bet!


I would like to advise everyone to read the rules of the game! «The chance to win the Mega (progressive) Jackpot is directly proportional to the size of the bet!» Everyone who writes here about the impossibility of winning or about small winnings, apparently, missed this paragraph of the rules! The machine is designed in such a way that you have the same chances if you play 100 spins of 1 euro and 1 spin of 100 euros! But at higher stakes, the chances of winning are greater. Don't be small, play big!

Tim, 27 years

Review: Life hacks of Divine Fortune


I want to share this life hack with everyone. It applies not only to Divine Fortune Megaways, but also works with any other NetEnt games! Watch how fast the numbers are spinning in the Mega Jackpot window at the very top of the screen. The fact is that according to the rules, the percentage of return, that is, the percentage of winning a big jackpot, is more than 96 percent. But these percentages are divided among all the players who are playing the machine right now. This means that 96% is equally divided by the number of players who play this slot with all operators! That is, the slower the Mega Jackpot number grows, the fewer players are online now, which means you have more chances to win. Even if the mega jackpot does not fall, the chances of winning the major are greatly increased!

Andrew, 34 years

Review: The slot is very volatile and this is its advantage


The big advantage of this slot is its high volatility. It must be understood that it rarely gives back money, but in many ways! For good winnings, you need to play catch-up, that is, spin the reels at small bets and gradually bet more and more. To do this, you can also turn on the machine, but you still have to open the bonuses with your hands. In the event of a bonus drop, the program sends game statistics to NetEnt in order to tell them that someone wants to win a mega jackpot. This is where all the fun begins: NetEnt can give away the winnings, or maybe decline it. It all depends on the number of spins of the reels and how effective the game strategy was. Good luck to everyone in our hard work =)

James, 54 years