Strategies and Tactics in Divine Fortune Slot

Strategies and tactics in Divine Fortune game

Despite the fact that online slots are considered to be a very risky types of online games for money in any casino, it brings really good income. These games are programmed in such a way as to provide players with a fairly high return on winnings. For most slot machines, the return on winnings is over 90%. In other words, more than 90% of the amount of all bets of online casino players is returned back to the players in the form of winnings. And this means that with a reasonable game, you can not only get a lot of fun, but also make good money. Knowing some features of gambling, you can increase your income several times without much effort!

Divine Fortune Megaways is one of the most successful games to win real money. Presented in many casinos, it gives a high return percentage (RTP) of 96.09%. And the combination of the Megaways engine with up to 117,649 winning ways, combined with scatters, free spins, falling and expanding wines, can result in winnings up to 38,000 times the original bet.

How to make money on Divine Fortune?

The secret to success at Divine Fortune Megaways is universal across many online slots. Although the game does not have a lot of options to change, the strategies described below, if used correctly, will definitely bring the coveted win.

How to win in Divine Fortune? Real money winning strategies

Strategy 1. Making ourselves unrecognizable

The main secret of success when playing various slots is the constant change not only in the strategy of the game, but also in the games themselves. As we play face-to-face with the computer, it uses millions of algorithms to analyze user behavior. As soon as the machine catches a pattern in the user's behavior, it launches pre-programmed algorithms, only allowing you to hit a solid jackpot from time to time.

In order to mislead the program, it is important to constantly change the behavior model. And this applies not only to the settings of the game itself, but also to the settings of the device on which you constantly play. One of the ways to remain unrecognizable to the casino is to constantly clear cookies or use the incognito mode, which is available in many browsers.

Despite the fact that the history of previous games is always stored on the casino servers, the computer uses "cookies" to keep track of the user's recent actions and make a prediction about what behavior he will choose today. Thus, the probability of losing increases. And this is the main thing that successful players strive to avoid. After all, the lower the percentage of loss, the greater the chance of winning!

Strategy 2. Change slots

One of the surest and most common strategies for success among online slots fans is the constant change of slots. The logic here is very simple - we place 10-15 bets and see if the slot pays out the winnings. If not, we change the slot, choosing a different slot, and wait until it starts to generate income.

Since most slots have more or less the same options, this will not only make it fun, but also increase the chances of success. According to experts, this approach allows you to reduce the percentage of losses, since the computer simply does not have time to calculate the style of your game.

Changing slots is one of the most common and effective strategies that allows you to earn real money on gambling!

Strategy 3. Strategy of change bets (ladder up and down)

This strategy has worked well in most games and will be quite effective in the case of Divine Fortune Megaways. The essence of the strategy is to gradually increase or decrease a bet every two or three rounds. We start with the minimum amount and see if the machine pays out the winnings. If not, we try to change the bet by 50%. We make a few more spins and increase or decrease the bet until the winning combinations begin to appear on the slot. If after several winning combinations there are losses, we change the bet by another 50% until the symbols again begin to line up in winning combinations.

Strategy 4. Increasing the denomination of coins

The strategy of the game is in many ways similar to the "ladder up". However, when applying this strategy, it is necessary to increase not the bet, but the face value of the coins, while observing the number of bonus coins that the machine gives out.

An interesting observation: bonus coins in the form of gold, silver or bronze pegasi are a kind of indicator that the slot has begun to work for winnings. With an average level of the game, 2-3 bonus symbols fly out for 15-20 spins. When the slot starts to "play", the number of bonus coins increases to 5-7.

Strategy 5. Parlay strategy or moderate play

This strategy will not be unique to Divine Fortune Megaways, but it is often used by successful players to extend the game and significantly reduce the risk of losing. This strategy will not bring a lot of money, but it will allow you to play plenty time and with great pleasure. The essence of the strategy is to lower the bet by 2 times with each loss. The game score, according to many players, in the case of such a game begins to seem simply endless!

Strategy 6. Maximum risk with Martingale bet

This strategy is suitable for those who are not afraid of getting a heart attack and have a solid balance in order to take risks without much regret. However, the risk may be so justified that the number of bonus coins will fall like a cornucopia.

The strategy increases significantly and doubles in size after each scroll. We increase the bet until the first win is received, and then we transfer to the minimum supply.

Such a strategy justifies its high risk, because in case of a win, the player beats off all previous losses. Its only serious disadvantage is that the balance of the wallet simply may not be enough for a large number of minor rounds. But as you know, those who do not take risks do not drink expensive alcohol. And the risk is a noble cause!

As you can see, the number of possible strategies while playing Divine Fortune leaves a choice for any player to solve any problem. The choice is yours - play correctly and strategically